Empyra Oneflow delivers web channel solution
Our OneFlow cloud solutions and services deliver what you need, when you need it!
Our OneFlow Cloud Solutions provide cloud solutions based on our OneFlow platform. OneFlow solutions on the cloud are scalable, with rapid start-up, and no hardware investment. OneFlow is a platform solution that is used to build solutions for different verticals. We provide pre-configured solutions for Workforce Development, Housing Demolition and Rehabilitation management.
We provide implementation services for OneFlow to help our customers to continue to reflect their business process on our platform, and to ensure that they are getting the most of what OneFlow can offer.
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It has been a pleasure to work with empyra, a company whose resources worked seamlessly with a complementated our resources. Project Manager
We configure solutions for start-ups and for established businesses that can be
put together rapidly to meet customer requirements using OneFlow. 
Our Consulting Group provides two levels of consulting services - strategic expert
consulting and IT consulting to implement your strategies.   
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