Empyra Oneflow for Non-Profits
Empyra provides solutions for non-profits to manage their organization using OneFlow's online channel management capabilities.
Many non-profit organizations are trying to overcome the challenges of finding recognition, raising money and communicating their message effectively. Every non-profit organization needs to:
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Raise Awareness, Solicit Donors and Volunteers
Engage Donors and Volunteers
Attract Donors and volunteers with Offers
Raise Funds and Volunteer base
Plan and Manage events
Enable dialogue with Volunteers
Communicate and Reach out
Connect staff, volunteers, donors and board
Manage your Non-Profit website, memberships, keeping members informed, manage fundraising events - online registration for events, collection of donations, online email campaigns, and full reporting on performance. The OneFlow community portal allows non-profits the ability to be responsive to the needs of their members/audience. The content is protected and allows different access for different levels of membership or roles (such as partners, members, board, etc.). OneFlow enables a single person to manage an entire non-profit organization, keeping funds focused on your cause.

For non-profits that need to track the outcomes from the grants they get, OneFlow offers the perfect solution - OneFlow enables you to define your desired outcomes and collect and report on data at various stages into the process.
Examples of non-profits that have implemented
OneFlow as their platform include:
  • Membership associations
  • Grantees of foundations eg Resource Mothers program.
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