CWA Meeting of the Minds was a Total Success

09 | 15 | 2014  - We had a great time at the CWA Meeting of the Minds Conference in Monterey and hope you did as well. The level of dialogue and value were incredible and Bob Lanter and the CWA team really delivered great results.

We were inspired by your contributions and the dialogue around the impact of WIOA and strategic planning for how to not only meet new requirements but truly respond to the needs of business, youth, job seekers, education, and government stakeholders. The sessions by IDEO and Robert X. Fogarty brought us creative energy and concrete ways we can innovate and improve workforce systems across the U.S.

While wandering around the streets of Monterey, we found the Wishing Fence. The fence and bougainvillea was covered with wishes that were heartwarming and inspiring. Here’s the wish we left...

“May all the efforts of those helping others
get jobs be successful and swift”



It has begun and only you can stop it. Workforce Zombie Apocalypse
08 | 25 | 2014  - Are you ready? We are and we’ll be at the Meeting of the Minds in Monterey 2014 - September 2-4, 2014, CWA California Workforce Association.

The walking dead include job seekers holding out for jobs that aren’t coming back, workforce professionals using deadly systems locked into obsolete business processes and technologies, and employers who can’t see their talent supply chains drying up.

At Empyra, we’re moving you from 20th-century case management to 21st-century career success management with solutions that better engage job seekers, employers, and bring your workforce professionals alive. You deserve a platform that mobilizes your army to fight the walking dead. When the WIOA waves of change come, you need the most flexible, most responsive, and smartest case management platform on the planet. Choose Empyra. Job Done. Better.

There is hope for help come to our booth at the conference, visit our webpage for more information about our exciting Workforce Development Solutions, call us today at (866) 427-6808. And make sure to Click Here to download our How to survive the Workforce Zombie Apocalypse public service announcement.



Top 5 Reasons to find out more about Empyra’s Workforce Solution

06 | 16 | 2014  - What can the #1 Workforce Management system for Higher Education and Workforce Development programs do for you and your customers?

1. Our solution guides your customers/users toward obtaining their greatest career potential
2. We have interactive web portals with intuitive recommendations and connections to personalized career opportunities
3. Staff and advisers gain complete access to their students with powerful success management tools tailored to the needs of colleges
4. Our dashboard reporting tracks a details on students served, their training, services received and outcomes
5. Employers post job and internship opportunities, gain resume search access, and can manage complete candidate engagement

What would it take for you to achieve improved performance? Click here to learn more and be sure to contact us for a FREE demo.


See You @ NAWB 2014

03 | 26 | 2014  The Empyra team is going to be at the 2014 NAWB Forum, March 30 – April 1 in DC! Will you be there? If so, stop by booth 213 and learn why OneFlow for Workforce is the most powerful, collaborative Workforce Development solution on the market.

OneFlow is a dynamic and easy to use workforce management system, serving the needs of job seekers, employers, and workforce staff members. OneFlow for Workforce Development focuses on the job seeker obtaining their greatest career potential with intuitive next-step recommendations and connections to career opportunities. OneFlow streamlines collaborative information sharing and creates a virtual One-Stop to connect job seekers and employers to the right help at the right time.

For more information go to our website or emails us at to request your free demo.

Empyra helped the city of Youngstown manage the unwieldy process of demolishing decaying homes.

04 | 01 | 2013  The NEO Success Awards 2013
The city of Youngstown had a messy problem on its hands. The one-time steel-making power had lost more than half of its 200,000 residents, leaving thousands of vacant and often dilapidated homes as distressed reminders of what it had become.

Adding to the problem, the city was overwhelmed by the process of tracking, targeting and taking down the abandoned homes, some of which had languished for years. The demolition process was vague, spread across multiple divisions and tracked with hard-copy forms and reports.   Last year, the city tapped Empyra, a Youngstown software development and consulting firm to help unravel its tangle of red tape. Empyra’s flagship product, OneFlow, is a modular workflow management system that could better manage the property demolition process by centralizing the data and making that information available to city officials, contractors and residents alike.

I always felt that I wanted to make an impact,” says Shanthi Subramanyam, Empyra’s CEO. Subramanyam had studied computing and information systems at the University of Manchester, England, then moved to Youngstown to marry her husband, Vishy, and start Empyra

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., Inc. has been selected as a 2013 NEO Success Award winner.
03 | 01 | 2013  The NEO Success Awards was established in 1995 as a way to showcase the success of business in our region, the NEO Success Awards program annually recognizes the top-performing companies in Northeast Ohio. NEO Success Award winners reflect our region’s determination to expand and revitalize its economic status. The NEO Success Award is unique in its combined measurement of business success in sales, growth and profitability.

In March 2013, Inside Business will once again recognize the region’s most successful companies at an awards luncheon at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven. The March/April 2013 issue of Inside Businesswill feature a list of the NEO Success Award winners, along with profiles of a select group of award-winning companies.

OCCD Member, Empyra Collaborates with Youngstown to Solve City's Demolition Disarray

01 | 10 | 2013  Since the collapse of the steel industry in the late 1970’s the City of Youngstown has faced ongoing economic hardship. The city watched as the remainder of urban commerce retreated to the suburbs and beyond; taking over 60% of its nearly 200,000 residents with it. Left with little but vacancy and rust, the once world-famous steel town is now ranked fourth with the top blight stricken cities in America.

With federal redevelopment aid flowing into afflicted communities throughout the country and houses listed for demolition fifteen years prior found still standing, excuses for the city’s blight began to dissolve. Why was the demolition process not working? With help from Empyra®, a Microsoft® Certified partner and OCCD Consultant Member, city managers began to analyze the internal demolition process in an effort to discover the impetus behind process bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. Through rigorous analysis, many issues were uncovered.
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Noteworthy Items of Twenty-Twelve
12 | 27 | 2012  As 2012 comes to a close, the team at Empyra is doing anything but slowing down! Several projects with 2013 "go-live" dates are underway and the team is highly engaged in their success. Some of these projects include OneFlow implementations for:

      Pensylvania Community College TAACCCT Grant (16 colleges) 
      Bridgepoint Education in California (2 colleges), 
      Indy-Youth program in Inidanapolis 
   We sincerely wish all of our friends a happy and prosperous new year and we will see you in 2013!


Empyra's OneFlow software platform makes debut on new Youngstown Neighborhood Improvement website.

08 | 31 | 2012  A new component to the city's website devoted to code enforcement and tracking demolition projects in its neighborhoods is up and running, officials report, noting it’s intended to help the city and residents attack blight early and swiftly.

"If you don't have good neighborhoods, you don't have a city," declared Mayor Chuck Sammarone. "When I became mayor, I said that the city didn't do enough for its neighborhoods. We had to do more."

The new option provides information on the status of demolition projects on identified properties, a portal where complaints related to a mismanaged or blighted property can be filed online, and a mechanism to track a history of code violations for a particular parcel...

...Empyra, a local software development company, provided the software platform for the project, said Shanthi Subramanyam, its CEO. "It can make a difference, an impact. You can really see what's going on."... To read the full article click here or download the full article in PDF - click here. - By Dan O'Brien - YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio

Empyra attends the 2012 Ohio Conference of Community Development

07 | 27 | 2012  Empyra’s Travis Alexander had a wonderful time at the Ohio Conference of Community Development’s annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio.  This statewide association of community and economic development professionals provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with everyone and engage in meaningful discussions about Ohio’s plans for ongoing redevelopment, and how Empyra’s OneFlow for Asset & Property Management platform can better serve our communities.  Thank you to all of those involved and OCCD’s hard work and dedication to the great state of Ohio!.


Empyra attends the 2012 NAWB Forum in DC.

03 | 16 | 2012  Empyra had a great time at the NAWB Forum! The 2012 NAWB Forum was hosted at the Hilton in Washington D.C. this year, and offered participants a valuable chance to network and learn more about the “state of the nation” for workforce development.

It was wonderful to connect with everyone, and engage in meaningful discussions about national workforce development. Our fishbowl business card contest was a great success! Martha from the Memphis, Tennessee Career Center left the forum with a brand-new Kindle Fire.

Empyra's OneFlow for Workforce solution creates a complete virtual workforce portal, designed with your needs and goals in mind. Empyra provides solutions for state and local government organizations, including total case management for a real-time snapshot of regional and local workforce development. OneFlow is a platform-based, cloud solution that creates virtual portals for job seekers, employers and staff members…allowing you to design the ideal user experience YOU want.

Photo: Left to right - Shanthi Subramanyam, Empyra’s CEO, and Martha from the Memphis, Tennessee Career Center winner of the brand-new Kindle Fire.


EmployIndy is launching Virtual WorkOne

12 | 14 | 2011  INDIANAPOLIS—EmployIndy is launching Virtual WorkOne, which gives job seekers access to re-employment services without visiting a traditional center. The new website features customized career recommendations and education and training opportunities. The organization has also expanded its Mobile WorkOne locations. EmployIndy today announced the launch of a new Virtual WorkOne that will give residents 24/7 access to re-employment services without visiting a traditional WorkOne center. Indianapolis residents can now logon to anytime and receive many of the services previously offered only in person. The Virtual WorkOne allows users to:

• Create an account and receive customized career recommendations.
• Access job search resources, including resume and cover letter templates, and others.
• Connect with career advisors and WorkOne staff.
• Register for career and hiring events and workshops.
• Find out about education and training opportunities to help advance a career.
• Discover “Where the Jobs are,” an extensive list of in-demand jobs in Indianapolis.
• Link to major job search websites.
• Connect with employers.
• Network with other jobseekers.

“We have worked diligently to find creative ways to bring more and better services to the unemployed and underemployed in Indianapolis,” said Brooke Huntington, president and CEO of EmployIndy. “The Virtual WorkOne is our newest tool to help introduce qualified, job-ready job seekers to local employers.”

To read the entire article please click the link. --> 


Intelligent Mobile Support in Solon secures $250,000 JumpStart investment.

12 | 07 | 2011  Intelligent Mobile Support LLC of Solon has received a $250,000 investment commitment from early-stage investment nonprofit JumpStart Inc. of Cleveland. Intelligent Mobile Support will use the money to make improvements to its software, which is designed to help mobile employees access information and connect with coworkers who can answer their questions. The company also will use the investment to finance a new effort to market the software to companies that manage nurses who travel to patients' homes.

Intelligent Mobile Support has two full-time employees, and it receives software development services from Inc. of Youngstown. The company has a handful of customers with more than 1,000 field service workers using the software.

JumpStart, which assists and invests in startups in Northeast Ohio, has invested in a total of 60 companies since the nonprofit economic development group was founded in 2004.

Article Link:

 By CHUCK SODER | Crain’s Cleveland Business |

Dozens of current YSU students were busy on campus Friday trying to get a leg up on job market

11 | 04 | 2011  The University's Office of Professional Practice held another of its "Interview Day" programs at the Williamson College of Business. Nearly 150 students had signed up to meet with representatives to discuss future employment after graduation, as well as student internship opportunities.

"We started doing this as a recruiting means for our students to make it easy for them to connect with employers and between class schedules and we heavily encourage the students to participate because of the competitive market right now for the job market," said Leigh Ann Waring, director of Student Services. "So anything students can do to make themselves stand out would be beneficial. Internships help close that gap for them because they're not only applying what they've learned in the classroom, they're also picking up transferable skills in the workplace." The university has hosted nearly 30 of these programs since 1997. The next one will be held in the spring.

Photo: Left to right - YSU student, Empyra CEO, Shanthi Subramanyam, and Empyra Customer Delivery Manager, Dave Stewart
Article Link: WKBN 27 - YSU Students Get Jump on Job Market


Empyra CEO, Shanthi Subramanyam, featured in Youngstown, OH, Vindy News

05 | 15 | 2011  ...According to data from the Center for Women’s Business Research, women-owned companies have an economic impact of $3 trillion annually, which accounts for 23 million jobs. In Ohio, one in every 10 businesses are women-owned, and in the Mahoning Valley, that number is one in every five...

Some local small businesses, such as Shanthi Subramanyam’s,...have slowly but surely built upon its original intention and are still growing to this day... When Subramanyam started, a business-technology network website, in 1994, it had two employees. Empyra has 18 employees today and has moved from its original home-office location to bustling 20 Federal Place in downtown Youngstown...

“There’s a lot to be attained by sharing stories and experiences,” Subramanyam said. “We can do more by creating networking bases that already exist in places like Pittsburgh and Cleveland.”

To read the entire news article please click the link. ->

YSU Women's Entrepreneurial Dinner: Increase Your Possibilities In Today’s World

09 | 05 | 2010  Shanthi Subramanyam will be participating in a panel discussion at YSU Women's Entrepreneurial Dinner: Increase Your Possibilities In Today’s World, on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Empyra Partners with Sage to offer Integrated Fund Accounting with OneFlow.

09 | 05 | 2010  Empyra has recently partnered (as a Silver Development Partner) with Sage to offer complete, integrated fund accounting as an extension to its Fiscal Tracking module of OneFlow. Says CEO Shanthi Subramanyam, "The new offerings will enable our customers to get the best of both worlds - manage all the detailed operational budgeting, tracking of eligibility, funding enrollment/allocation of funds, and tracking the actual usage of funds to be handled in OneFlow, while ensuring complete, seamless integration with Sage MIP Fund Accounting to handle accounting functions such as issuing vouchers, payments, etc. This new offering will save our customers time, while also ensuring that optimum use of available dollars.

Showcased at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) conference.

02 | 19 | 2009  Empyra showcased the latest release of its OneFlow offering for Workforce Development for Government and Non-Profit enterprises. OneFlow facilitates the process for job seekers, employers, training providers and partners in the One-Stop system. It eliminates paperwork, facilates intake, tracking, case management, day-to-day operations and reporting needed for Workforce Investment Boards to understand traffic and demographic patterns. OneFlow provides smart determination of eligibility and facilates the referral process without paperwork. Every partner can participate in the network, recieving pre-qualified referrals, and access to the data based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) amongst the partner network. This eliminates postage, time handling paperwork, filing and reduces waiting times for job seekers. With the current priorities and workloads of the workforce Boards, OneFlow is the perfect solution that will reduce wait times, track the entire process for increased transparency, and improve service delivery.

Thanks for connecting with our team at the conference.

Empyra selected as one of "Nation's Top Businesses" by

02 | 19 | 2009  Empyra has been selected as one of the Nation's Top Businesses by based on the 9th Annual survey conducted across 650,000 businesses in the United States.

Empyra wins prestigious Weatherhead Growth Award two years (2007, 2008) in a row!

01 | 01 | 2009 has been selectd as a 'Weatherhead 100' Upstart Award Winner for 2008. This is the second consecutive year that Empyra has recieved this award. The Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, identifies the region's fastest growing companies, based on sales growth from 2002 - thru - 2007.

"In collaboration with COSE and others, and with a commitment to civic leadership, our goal is to enhance the role the Weatherhead School plays in building on this region's assets by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and recognizing success as we do annually through selection of the Weatherhead 100,"
said Dean Mohan Reddy, the Weatherhead School of Management.

Empyra advances to Microsoft's Gold Certified Partner

01 | 01 | 2009  Empyra is Microsoft's Gold Certified Partner since May 2008. This reflects Empyra's commitment to provide proven and tested solutions built on a scalable Microsoft platform, using SQL Server.

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Empyra releases case study showing $1 Million annual savings using OneFlow.

01 | 01 | 2009 For more information click here to download pdf file.

Microsoft publishes case study on Empyra OneFlow

01 | 01 | 2009  For more information click here to download pdf file.

Empyra OneFlow Solutions