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If you have a great business idea that can operate on the web, but don't have millions in development dollars...

Building your business with our OneFlow platform may be just the right solution for you!

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We partner with start-up businesses that can use our platform to launch their web business. OneFlow is an exciting rapid business development tool that allows clients to quickly build commercial (or enterprise) grade software to prove out their business model. OneFlow is simply licensed and we build your solution on the platform and provide your solution as a hosted service to you and your clients. Our experienced software development team brings all the competencies you need and uses an agile development process to rapidly iterate your concept to meet the needs of your paying customers. Time to market and technical risks are drastically reduced. OneFlow remains a licensed component of your overall solution. You do what you do best - find and develop your business. We do what we do best - build great software to serve your customers.

Our unique ‘Total-Partnership’ approach combines investment-risk-sharing with our subject-matter-expertise, configurable-software-service, fully-hosted-platform and 24x7 support. Where desired, we take the role of the CIO/CTO for that business. 
Our ‘Total-Partnership’ and 'Total Delivery' approach insulates new web-business from the complication of technology and infrastructure management. This allows them to focus on investor relations and business development.

Our approach helps entrepreneurs to succeed early. If the product does not prove itself in the marketplace quickly, it enables entrepreneurs to understand the problems early and work to improve or decide otherwise, saving vital dollars and time.
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