Empyra will increase efficiency, reduce costs, deliver services effectively and improve your businesses outcomes.
At Empyra, we develop cloud-based software solutions that manage and facilitate various business processes. We recognize that our clients are looking for things to be easy to do, simple, and relevant.  We exist to help our customers better serve their customers by simplifying their business relationships. We do this by creating smart, online, collaborative (cloud-based) networks that enable organizations to connect, track, and report on improved outcomes for customers, suppliers, and partners, via an online web-channel
 Our Principles
Deliver solutions that fit needs of our customer - not ours.
Listen to customers and offer objective, no-nonsense guidance.
Be clear about what customer can expect from us and strive to exceed it.
Never compromise on privacy and security.
Stay accessible and responsive at all times.
Demonstrate proactive can-do attitude that assures our customers that they are in capable hands.
Focus on one thing and do it exceedingly well.
Never be satisfied with the way it is now.

Pursue excellence before money
           - while both are interdependent, pursuit of excellence brings true happiness.

Encourage arguments if in pursuit of excellence.
Be bold to make mistakes - learn from them and improve.
People first, always.
Company History
Empyra, founded in 1994, is a provider of total solutions that help our customers to meet their business goals. Empyra has grown over the years to serve a diverse set of clients in many domains. Our vibrant team has been growing to serve the needs of our clients.  Empyra is a woman owned, minority owned business located in Ohio. Empyra's headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Youngstown, Ohio.
Empyra OneFlow Solutions